Fashion Tips and Rules to Keep in Mind When Dressing Kids

Bright Colors: Colorful Baby Headbands

Colorful Baby Headbands are a great fashion accessory for kids as they add color and style to an otherwise simple outfit thus making kids more stylish. The headband is a classic fashion item that has been around for hundreds of years. The Colorful Baby Headbands provide a modern and customized twist to the classic headband accessory and they are also made especially for babies which are an added advantage. When it comes to dressing up babies and toddlers, there are rules that need to be followed and mistakes that need to be avoided. Below we discuss some fashion mistakes to avoid when shopping or dressing kids. Dressing kids up in bright colors is always a bright idea. Try to stay away from dark colors and instead dress them up in colorful clothes like red, yellow, pink, and purple. Also, dress them up in colorful patterns and prints. And don’t forget to style with Colorful Baby Headbands to bring the outfit together. Kids represent fun, jot, playfulness and good vibes. Their clothes should communicate the same message.

Don’t Dress Them in Tight Clothes

When dressing kids, it is important to avoid buying and dressing them in clothes that are too tight. For adults, tight-fitting clothes might have a certain appeal but for kids, they need to be in free-flowing and loose clothing. Kids spend most of their time playing, being hyperactive and running around and they need to be in clothing that does not restrict their movement. However, clothes like tights have to be tight and hugging but make sure they are not too tight. Also, don’t dress them up in clothing that’s too lose or oversized as this might cause them to trip or have restricted movement.

Buy Clothes Made with Comfortable Material

Kids have sensitive skin and so parents must be careful not to buy clothing or accessories made with harsh materials. Always take your kids delicate skin into consideration when dressing them up. It’s better to buy kids and baby clothes made with cotton or linen. There are other safe fabrics for kids clothes like silk, wool, polyester etc. The safer, and more comfortable the fabric is, the less likely it will lead to skin problems like rashes or discomfort.

Dress them in Weather Appropriate Clothes

Make sure you dress kids in weather appropriate clothes. If its warm, dress them up in cool clothes like t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, light dresses etc. In the winter and colder days, make sure they are properly bundled up in layers and that their hands, feet, and ears are kept warm too. Also, dress them in weather appropriate footwear. If it’s cold, make sure they are kept warm enough and bundled up before thinking of putting them in a dress. Kids can wear tights underneath a dress if its mildly cold but if it’s very cold, keep the dress aside, and dress them up in warm pants (like denim or chinos) and cozy sweaters. Layering is a good way to keep kids warm in the winter. Always dress them up in one more layer than you dress in. Also check their temperature regularly to see if they are getting warm in which case you can take off one or two layers. If they are still cold then you should add on layers.

Mix and Match Colors and Prints Properly

As much as dressing kids in bright colors, patterns, and prints is fun, parents must be careful not to dress them up in clashing colors or drown them in clashing prints. The rule of thumb when mixing color sis not to mix and match more than three colors. You can try to break this rule if you are a professional and have a good sense of what you are doing. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to this rule so you don’t end up dressing your child like a clown. For mixing and matching prints, some rules are to stick with one print family, match big prints with smaller prints but maintain the same color base or color scheme etc. Read more on mixing and matching prints here.

Choose a Theme

Speaking of color themes and prints, it’s a good idea to stick to one theme when dressing your kid. This is a good place to start to give you a better sense of direction when you are trying to be creative with their outfit. Think of what you want to go for that day and pick a base color or a base print or a base clothing item. With fashion getting more daring, there’s a lot more you can get away with these days so its ok to experiment. Don’t however forget the most important rule with is Comfort. The comfort of the kids comes first before any other fashion needs. If the studded leather jacket is making your kid uncomfortable, then consider swapping it for a more comfortable jean jacket.

Less is More

It’s always easy to get carried away when shopping for kids and when dressing them up. Some parents may think that the less is more rule does not apply to kids but it does. The last thing anyone wants is to dress their kids up to look ridiculous. As I already discussed above, go easy on the colors, go easy on the prints, go easy on the mixing and matching and go easy on the accessories.