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I briefly dated a guy who liked to be actively, pointedly ignored (just some of the time, not 24/7).

Whenever he called me ‘Goddess’, was when I’d start ignoring him for the next few hours. He would ask me dumb questions and I’d keep my attention focused on my screen. He’d text me while we were both in my living room and I’d read them and go back to whatever I was doing, knowing he was watching the message turn from ‘Unread’ to ‘Read’ with no response. He once asked me to acquire a cage so he could be locked up while I went about my day (I did get a cage, it was heavy as fuck, but I made him do all the lifting).

Folks who don’t know the fetish don’t really understand. Who would love to be ignored? Generally, we all want attention, especially from people we are attracted to. We do all sorts of things to get attention, and yet here is a fetish that is about the exact opposite. It’s about NOT getting that attention whatsoever, often despite great efforts. Sounds like torture, doesn’t it?

Well, our brains are complicated and trying to figure out why you like a certain thing takes time away from exploring that certain thing. Anyway, there are some variations on ignore fetish of course. Some view it as a typical dom-sub relationship, where the sub must ‘earn’ the attention of the domme, but can’t. Others view it as a way to express voyeuristic fantasies: the peeping Tom, the thrill of possibly getting caught. Some like teasing and some just like complete ignoring.

Some women find that paying attention to men takes effort and work, and that ignoring is a way to recharge emotionally. And if some men enjoy reminded who to admire and why, then all the better for both parties! Like a particular give and take of sexual energy.

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It’s Goddess worship of the highest kind. Now leave me alone to rule in peace!

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