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You knock on my front door, and instantly my pussy tingles. I can’t wait for you to put your hands on me. I jump up to greet you, as soon as I see your devilish smile and sexy fuckin body, I feel my heart flutter. You’re staring at me like you want to devour me, and I am entranced. I step to the side and you enter my lair, the place that is entirely mine but where you are always welcome.

You tower over me and I can smell your scent, I can’t describe how good you smell, masculine, erotic, inviting. Your hand is on my waist, pulling me into you. I can feel your muscles tighten around me, protecting me. I feel so feminine, sooo turned on, and we haven’t even kissed yet. I tilt my head up to look at you fully, and your eyes are already undressing me, devouring me, fucking me. My lips are drawn to yours like magnets, and it is the most exquisite feeling, your lips, soft yet still rough, exploring my lips, the wetness is such an erotic sensation. Our eyes closed, your tongue gently parting my lips, my tongue meeting yours and swirling around sensuously. How is it that our tongues touching each other feels sooooo good? 

I can feel your hands firm on my waist, pushing me into the kitchen where you pin me against the countertop, pressing your hard cock through your pants into my belly. My hands are exploring your hair, your chest, your muscled arms and that’s when I realize how wet I’m getting. Your hand pulls at my lower back and I arch further into you. Your tongue is more assertive now, me letting you into my mouth, I feel like prey and you the predator, I want you to take me, I trust that you’ll ravage me the way that I want. Your other hand sneaks up to the base of my head and you gently, firmly tighten your grip around my hair. You have me, and I want you to push me wherever you want me. My mouth can’t get enough of yours, we are both breathing heavy, and I want your cock pressed into my clit, so I wrap one leg around you, giving you the hint that I want you to pick me up, and then both my legs are wrapped around your waist, and for the first time today I grinding on you like we’ve never met. My clit wants instant gratification, but you put your hand on the top of my chest and gently force me to lie back on the kitchen counter, my hips still pressed into yours. I watch you like a hungry lion, taking your shirt off, I stare at your chest like I’ve never seen you before. I just want to fuuuuck. 

I’m already imagining you thrusting into me, like an animal, me crying out in pure, unfiltered pleasure. I bring my mind back to the present moment, you slipping my shirt and bra off, running your hands up and down my upper body, kissing my skin, my collarbone, your warm hands on my breasts, gentle at first and then squeezing hard like you know I like. The first moan escapes my lips, and your cock throbs harder, pulsating against my clit through our clothes. You slide my hips all the way onto the countertop and take my pants off, then run your finger under the band of my panties, teasing me. My pussy is so wet, and I know you can see how much you’ve turned me on already. You lean over and nibble on my ear as your fingers slide further under my panties, and your fingertips rub over my pussy lips, so gently, it sends an electric shock through my core. My pussy is throbbing now with anticipation, my wetness being spread all over my vulva by your fingers. Ohhhhhhh. I just want your fingers inside me. Please enter me. Finger fuck my pussy, make me moan and whimper, then use her juices to slide a finger into my ass, I wanna feel that other sensation, that naughty hole. Ohhhhh. 

But you love to tease me, so instead of slipping into my pussy you bring your hand to your mouth to taste my sweet tangy wetness. I want to kiss it off you so badly that I almost attack your mouth with mine, gliding my tongue over your lips, and taste myself on your face, in your beard, then I take your hand and suck on each one of your fingers, swirling my tongue around, and I can feel you getting harder… are you imagining it’s your cock and not your fingers that I’m taking deep into my mouth? I sense you dropping your pants to the floor and stroking your cock as I keep sucking on your fingers. Your other hand is tracing the skin on the back of my knee, which tickles and makes me open my legs wider. You tug my panties off and stare hungrily at my nakedness, my beautiful little breasts, my little belly, and my dripping wet pussy. You lower to your knees so your head is right between my legs, and I hear you breathe in and smell my sweet cunt. You look up at me and I… I just can’t wait for you to put your tongue on me. Ohhhhhh. 

I watch you open your mouth, drop your jaw, and graze my pussy lips with your tongue, and my body twitches with the first jolt of pleasure. You know just how to drive me crazy with your tongue, so you don’t waste any time, finding my clit, giving tiny thrusts just under and to the right. My body feels like an avalanche of pleasure, building, building sexual energy. My breath makes a new pattern as my pussy drips with so much wetness. You know I love your fingers in my cunt so you slide 2… 3 fingers inside me and work them gently upward and back down again. You never let your tongue leave my clit, and my body freezes to hold onto this pleasure. I think I’ve stopped making all sound, except for my panting. 

I can’t think about anything except for your tongue in that exact spot, this is the only thing in the world that I want, forever, your fingers in my pussy and you tonguing my clit, rhythmic thrusts, waiting for me to explode on your face. All of my muscles are tense, and I realize I’m holding my breath, I’m so close and I just want to fall over the edge. I can’t believe I can feel this much pleasure just from your tongue rubbing along my little rose bud. 

I start to feel the sliding of my avalanche of pleasure, and I think I’m moaning, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’, but then I know I’m screaming, my pussy gushing it’s sweet wetness, your tongue working overtime, giving me any extra flicks of pleasure, your fingers working faster, fucking my cunt with your hand, my hips are thrusting into your palm and I’m shaking, my whole body raw with energy. All I can think of is how much I want you to fuck me. 

I want your cock to fill my tight pussy, I want to squeeze your hardness and welcome you in me. I’m begging you to fuck me, please, please I moan, and you stand up, your beard dripping with my pussy juice, and I can see you holding your massive, raging hard-on in your hand. 

I sit up to kiss you, to taste more of my cunt on your lips, and then I slide my legs around you again as you position your cock right at the edge of my pussy and slide. Right. Into. Me. Filling my cunt with your whole manhood, stretching me just a little. I cry out at the change in sensation, welcoming you into me. You thrust so slowly at first, taking your time to fuck me. Ohhhhhh. 

You force your fingers into my mouth, the same ones that are sticky with my pussy juice, and I feel so turned on by you filling almost all of my holes. You pull your fingers out of my mouth and grab my ass cheeks with both hands, picking me up and bouncing me on your cock. Ohhhhh. I’ve never been fucked in mid air before, I feel like your little toy, I love what you do to me. Your thrusts get deeper as my pussy slams down on your rock hard dick, my cunt already swollen from my orgasm. You fuck me in midair for a few more seconds before carrying me straight into the bedroom and toss me down onto my giant bed. I thought you’d crawl onto the bed on top of me but you stand at the edge, completely erect and I take the opportunity to come to the edge and bring my lips to the head of your cock. 

It is so smooth, I run my tongue up and down your shaft, right side first, then left, as I use one hand to grip your shaft and the other to cup your balls, before I swallow your entire cock in my mouth. I can feel your head hitting the back of my throat but I go slow, tightening my lips completely around your cock, starting the pressure off slow and then building. Ohhhhhh. I can hear you moaning, I glance up at you, staring down at me like this is the best thing you’ve ever seen. I love the way you look at me when I’m sucking your cock, practicing my deepthroat, wanting you to feel as much pleasure as possible. I speed up a bit, my head starting to bob up and down on your cock, feeling your hips start to thrust very gently into my mouth, you putting your hand on the back of my head, guiding my mouth up and down on your cock, sucking, tasting your pre-cum at the back of my throat, wanting to moan myself but unable to make any sounds as your hard dick takes up my entire mouth, my hand still cupping your balls. MMmmmmm.

I love sucking your cock, taking you deep into my mouth, feeling you thrust faster, wanting to taste your cum but also wanting to tease you more. You pull back and I am left without your cock, mouth open, wanting more. You tell me to get on my hands and knees, away from you, and my pussy knows what’s about to happen even before my brain does. I feel both your hands on my hips as you use the head of your cock to tease me in this new position, god how I love doggystyle. Your head glides over my clit and I jerk a little bit, she is still so sensitive. You slide your extremely hard cock into my pussy, extra tight at this angle, and start thrusting ohhhhhhh, I love it when you fuck me like this, I can’t get enough, your balls slamming into me, each sensation a quick dip into a pool of ecstasy. Over and over you slam your hips into mine, making me cry out. This is instinct, this is pure lust, I love it. Ohhhhhh.

You pull out and I think something’s wrong but then you flip me over so we’re face to face, you pin my arms above my head and slide your cock back into me. I love your weight on top of me, I wrap my legs around your ass and help you fuck me deeper, harder. Ohhhhhh.

You slam into me, every thrust makes me cry out with pleasure, involuntary. 

I think about whether I want to cum again, slide my hand to my clit, tickle myself while you keep thrusting hard and deep, but I hear your voice change and I know you’re close. I lovvvveee watching you cum, especially inside me. You are skilled enough to declare when you’re going to cum, unlike me, I simply lose all control when I reach the moment of ecstasy, I have no idea what comes out of my mouth when I cum. You’re thrusting into me over and over and over, yes, cum!

I want you to cum in me, deep in my pussy, cum, let go, join me in this state of pure bliss. Cum in me, cum in me! Ohhhhhhh. Fill me, FUCKING fill me! Ohhhhhhh.

I watch as your eyes roll back in your head as you fall over the edge, the expression on your face tells me that all you wanna do is fill me with your cum, bury your hard cock deep inside me. All I can hear now is your moaning, as you fuck me just a little harder at the end, then you slow and I see the pleasure all over your face. You can lay on top of me, don’t pull out just yet, I love feeling your throbbing cock just as you’ve cum. Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhh. 

I love the way you fuck me. I love it when you fill my pussy with your cum. 

I wanna do this every. Fucking. Day. Every hour. I just wanna ride you. 

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